Current Projects


Agricultural Program

Founded in 2002, the Agricultural (Beer-Sheba Project) combines a sustainable agro-forestry program together with holistic training and an agricultural resource center for young Senegalese farmers who spend 1-year as interns with the Program. The village is requesting that we help with the micro-economics by initiating an agricultural program that will help sustain the growth of crops all year long. This initiative will help with both the economics and the overall health of the village plus keep families together.


Animal Health Program

The village of Ngonine depends on agriculture. The health of their livestock directly impacts animal productivity, meat quality and the health and wealth of those tasked with caring for them. For many years veterinary care has been lacking and unaffordable in this region. Regular medical care is resulting in healthier animals, higher productivity and higher household incomes in the community.

Projects in the Past

In 2010, 9 Water Spigots were made throughout the village which provided clean water. This has helped the overall health of the village people and livestock. 

The Ngonine Village asked for a Church building so that the Christians could have a house of worship. We partnered with the village in building the church and dedicated it on May 3, 2015.

Projects for the future


Child Sponsorship Program

Sponsoring a child is a unique and individual link between you and a child to give him or her the opportunity to grow in good health and be protected from all abuses. When you sponsor a child, you directly contribute to improving his or her life and community.

Through this program, a godfather or godmother can support one or several children from needy families by paying school fees, providing school supplies and medical care. 

Coming soon!